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Welcome to Omaha Child Care Directory ...
initiated for the; purpose of highlighting child care choices in Omaha and the surrounding communities.

 Omaha Child Care Directory offers childcare related business the opportunity to advertise their business and offer parents more details and benefits related to their unique style of care.

Our Services are designed to care for the needs of the child care professional as well as assist families looking4childcare!

Our Goals are to align the childcare professional with parents looking4childcare in Omaha and the surrounding communities.

Our Priority is to help you build a parent/provider partnership that results in a positive outcome for the beautiful child(ren) they entrust to us.           >>>Read TOU Disclaimer




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The details describing each business program listing are those of the owners and professionals listed and are submitted with permission to display on the website and permission is granted to forward to families within the referral network. It is not intended to and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of, its owners and administrators.

All users of this website are advised that neither nor its owners and administrators shall be held liable for the content of the business listings and programs and professionals listed, including any referrals given.

All visitors are advised to make their own determination and final decisions in relationship to choosing a person or business to work with, We highly recommend state background checks, appropriate consultation and review of complete references and program benefits to determine whether or not they align with specific needs, and not in reliance upon the sole content used in connection to

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